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Calm Your Mind

Counting Breath

If you're new to any kind of breathing or mindful practice, or if you just feel like you need the support in finding a rhythm of breathing which is helpful, this is a good one for you.  It’s nice and simple.  You will be guided to use your senses and connect with the nature you are in then we give you some structure and guidance through counting to find a rhythm of breathing that calms you.  Hopefully by the end of this track you will feel grounded and at ease. 


Calm Place

Finding and cultivating a place in your mind where you can experience a feeling of being calm and safe can be incredibly helpful. In this audio we work on using all your senses to enhance the place you have chosen to experience visually, expanding feelings of calm and letting go of tension. This audio will help with your connection to your body through awareness of your senses; this can be used in everyday settings to practice mindfulness and amplify feelings of wellbeing.  By using the videos of nature to develop a calm place for yourself you can build up this resource in your mind’s eye and go to it in your imagination at any time.  A calm place can be an excellent foundation for further therapeutic and coaching work, as well as a good place to reflect on an important decision.

Observe Your Mind

This audio invites you to take a different perspective on your mind. Rather than feeling that what arises is part of you we step back and just observe with interest and curiosity what comes up. In this audio you’re invited to watch your mind in the same way that you look at the scene of nature you’re in. Taking this observer stance, with practice, will free you from getting swept away into negative thoughts or feelings. This is a classic mindfulness practice which will significantly increase your self-awareness.

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Reconnect to Body

Many of us switch off from our body’s signals for a number of reasons. This can lead us to be out of sync with what we need for a full and rich life.  By mindfully paying attention to your body and reconnecting with it, you can tune into its inner wisdom.  This audio guides the spotlight of your attention from your toes to the top of your head, using the scenes of nature to enrich the experience.  This is an invaluable practice for anyone and can help us to be more creative in our decision making by using our whole brain rather than just our logical brain.

Power of Breath

The breath has an incredible power to heal us.  Developing some simple yet effective habits when breathing can help up attain healing and calming benefits with very little effort.  We breathe whether we think about it or not, but bringing conscious awareness to our breath can unlock much more of our potential.  This is a good one to develop a good practice of breathing and as well as a helpful reminder for those who may feel more experienced.   


Train Your Mind


Acceptance creates adaptability

Acceptance is not about giving up or resignation but reducing your internal struggle. This audio guides you to consider what acceptance is and helps you find and nurture it within yourself.  By reducing our emotional struggle with difficult circumstances, we can foster a way to accept reality with more ease. Improve your adaptability and confidence and face challenges with flexibility and resilience.



In this audio we interweave nature into the breathing practice and mindful awareness to help you connect with and expand feelings of calmness.  By using imagery and visualisation you will develop a deep sense calmness by allowing the natural world to take away your stress and replenish you.  This track is great for anyone who feels stressed or frazzled and would like to chill out.


People with high self-confidence are more likely to succeed than those with equal ability but who have lower self-confidence. Self-belief gives people the confidence to take on challenges and trust themselves. This audio guides you to identify how to recognise and enhance your confidence and well as to become aware of what might be undermining it. Through visualisation techniques you can develop your self-confidence for future situations, giving you an optimism and groundedness that you need to be who you want to be. Confidence threads through everything we do and as such is a quality we need to continually work on. 

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We hear a lot about acts of kindness and how practising kindness can be good for us and others.  This audio will help you to understand what is meant by kindness and guide you to strengthen and deepen the quality of kindness using memory, nature and intention.  We can include ourselves in this practice.  If you’re feeling a bit low or want to strengthen your relationships and connections with others, this audio should help.


Leading busy and stressful lives, and not getting the results we want can leave us feeling wound up and tense. We may know that patience would help us, but this can be difficult when we’re under pressure. This audio will help you to understand what gets in the way of your patience and guide you to use nature, imagination and intention to help you increase it. If you’re feeling impatient with yourself, your colleagues, your kids or anyone or anything else this audio will help.  Developing patience can free up your mental availability, improving your performance as well as your relationships.

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Strength is a quality we need for many situations in life, particularly those that are difficult. Examples might include setting a boundary with others, dealing with bad news, or coping with ongoing stresses.  Our ability to tolerate problems and the distress that arises from inner conflicts between our emotions, motives and our logical brain, takes strength of mind.  This audio guides you to connect with, and enhance your inner strength using our capacity to recall the past and ‘see’ the future. Fundamentally developing strength will underpin resilience which is more than necessary for our modern world and all the challenges it brings us.

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