How do I Sign Up?

1. Click on 'Try 1 month for free'

2. Click on 'Subscribe' on the plan you want to purchase

3. Click on 'Sign Up' 

4. Enter your details in the Sign Up form

5. Check the 3 check boxes at the bottom of the form

6. Click on 'Sign up'

7. You will be redirected to the 'Checkout' page

8. You now have two options:

Pay with Credit/Debit Card


Pay with PayPal

9. Follow these steps to pay with Credit/Debit Card

a. Complete the Card details form

b. Complete the form below with your details

c. Click 'Buy Now'

10. Follow these setps to pay with PayPal

a. Check next to where it says 'PayPal'


b. Click 'Buy Now''

b. A pop-up will now launch which will allow you to login to PayPal with your account to complete the transaction

11. Once you have completed payment you should see the button 'Create Your Experience' appear at the top. If this does not happen just refresh your browser to make it appear.

If you are still having issues, please email us at

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