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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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Many of us can have a self-critical relationship with our body we might dislike parts of it or wish it was taller, leaner, stronger or more resilient. But consider the things that you're grateful for about your body? How does it help you on a daily basis? What are all the things is it doing automatically, with no conscious thought on your behalf, to keep you alive? What strength does your body have?

Having an intention of gratitude towards your body can subtly shift your connection and relationship with it. Look out for moments when you could say thanks to your body. ‘Thanks feet, for holding my weight all day’. ‘Thanks heart for pumping that oxygen around me.’ ‘Thanks immune system for helping me recover from that illness.’

Every time you shower you could bring this gratitude and thanks to your body as you consider each part of your body. Try and exist in the moment with your body taking in the experiences your senses are picking up, rather than being in your head already racing through the day in front of you or ruminating about something in the past.


Massage some nice smelling cream into your hands.

Spend a little time giving your feet a massage.

When you’re walking somewhere mentally scan up and down your whole body, just connect with how it feels.

Stand up and stretch at regular intervals.

Do some yoga.

Rub your hands together in front of you fast, then stroke your upper arms, top to bottom, three times, and your face three times. Breathe slowly as you do. This helps your body calm down.

Smile and express gratitude to your body for being alive.

business focus

  • Slow your speaking even when your heart is pounding so loud.

  • Hold a strong and lifted posture to allow your diaphragm to be open to maximise your breath.

  • Develop a strong, kind internal voice that would say ‘you’ve got this’ rather than ‘you loser!’

  • Enhance your active listening by a) asking more questions or b) using paraphrasing to clarify your understanding


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