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Many of us are spending a lot of time on virtual work meetings. They may be stressful and making sure you take regular breaks from the screen is important. Sometimes if we feel stressed during a meeting, this tip may help you.

The tip of oblong breathing

Hold your mobile phone lightly in one hand on your lap. With the other run your finger lightly up the ‘short’ side of the phone and as you do slowly breathe in then along the ‘long’ side, slowly breathe out.

Within a few repetitions you will have let your brain know that you aren’t under threat, your heart rate will reduce your anxiety will reduce.

Why will this work?

According to the American Institute of Stress; deep  breathing  increases the supply of oxygen to our brains and stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness. Breathing  techniques help  you feel connected to your body - it brings your awareness away from the worries in your head and quiets your mind. Allowing us to focus and be our most capable self!


We have noticed at YVMT that there are certain phrases in our audios that seem to resonate and ‘stick’ in our minds!

We have found ourselves connecting with some of the phrases in this month’s acceptance audio. They are useful and feel they fit and are especially useful for us to draw upon in day to day life. If you are having similar experiences, we would

encourage you to accept the mini mantras your mind is selecting for you.

Allow them to be comfortable anchors at times they pop in to your head. Equally, if there are vistas of specific videos that are especially comforting or calming, try tapping into that view in your mind when you are feeling stressed or anxious.

We’d love to hear your feedback ….


The world has changed significantly in only a few months. Travel and adventure has been reframed from the unlimited possibilities of global travel to giving significant consideration to whether or not to go out to our local towns or cities.

Of course, travel and experiencing nature in different parts of the world is high on the agenda of our video collection at YVMT and we hope that over time you might develop an affinity with some of the video locations.

We’ve been looking at what we can offer subscribers in 2021. One of the plans we have is to plan a retreat at the incredible Gondwana Game Reserve in Western Cape, SA.

This reserve has a philosophy of compassionate conservation and it was experiencing the nature and wildlife of Gondwana that originally gave Hilary the idea for YVMT.

Watch this space for details on what this retreat will include over the next month or two.


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