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Strength is a quality we need for many situations in life, particularly those that are difficult. When we're faced with challenges our threat system emotions can be triggered, compelling us to act in a way to protect ourselves, and this can be the opposite of what we need to do.

Our ability to tolerate the distress that may arise from an instinctual inner conflict takes strength of mind. Coupled with

wisdom and compassion, strength is a core quality attribute for cultivating a compassionate mind.

If you think about situations at work or in your personal life that have been challenging or demanding, you will be aware that strength was one quality, whether you realise you had it or not that was necessary to get you through that situation.

If we pause to think about it we all have an inner wisdom that life is difficult and can be full of problems and suffering therefore having an inner strength enables us to tolerate and often grow from adversity.


Gain strength by admitting your mistakes or failings

Self-awareness is strength

Knowing and accepting you are going to fail is a strength as you may need to experience this shortcoming in order to improve

Just because a task has failed, it doesn’t mean YOU are a failure

Recognise that you don’t have to be 100% right all the time

Tips by Neil Jenkins, MD of Absolute Business Coaching

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In the way that doing physical exercises can help us develop a strong body, we can also develop a strength of mind by giving ourselves the right conditions and practise.

Connecting with what is already inside of us, bringing it into our awareness, enhancing and imagining ourselves being strong in future situations can be the difference between feeling like we are coping with life’s difficulties when they happen versus feeling like we are drowning.

We know that having mental images can be as potent to our old brain as the real thing, in fact research has shown that even imagining doing strength training can lead to some physical improvement in muscle tone!

Successful athletes use this power of the imagination to improve their performance imagining themselves running their perfect race, or playing that perfect shot. We too can envision ourselves in a future situation having a real inner strength and coping or performing in a way that we can feel good about.​


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