What is it?  A combination of 6 minute 360-degree videos of peaceful nature, synchronised with unique audio recordings by a clinical psychologist, that focus on Calming and Training the Mind.  

What is it for?  We know that practicing mindfulness and being in nature are great ways to re-balance the stress we experience in modern life.  We also know that practically, it just might not be possible to do both!

Who is it for?  You! It can be hard to find balance in a fast-paced world.  At work and at home we can often have feelings of anxiety, stress, or depression that create emotions that are hard to manage. 

How do I watch it? This combination of visual and audio can be watched on any device


What are the benefits? It will help you re-balance your emotions and increase your wellbeing, decision making, problem solving, stress management and relationship skills.

Designed by professionals to help you 

manage the stress of modern living.

A unique combination of mindful audios with 360° films of nature.

Calm your mind with a boost of nature!

Calm Your Mind

Our 'Calm Your Mind' audios are carefully designed to help you get back into a calm and capable zone, connecting you with your body, your breath and with nature.  

We know that when we are calm we handle life better.  

And if you want to be a bit more scientific… 

Science tells us that we have an optimal arousal zone which lies between the two extremes of being hyperaroused, too high, which is linked to disorganised cognitive processing and emotional reactivity, and hypoaroused, too low, where our emotions are numbed and our cognitive processing can be disabled.  These tracks are designed to help you get back into your calm and capable zone.



Choose a unique

mindful audio


Combine with a film of



Give your mind a boost with a mindful audio and a film of nature!


Train Your Mind

Our 'Train Your Mind' tracks use established psychological techniques to help you develop qualities and characteristics associated with effective leaders and happier people.  
We all have a vast potential within us.  

And if you want to be a bit more scientific…

Without awareness and training, our mind will react the way evolution and our social circumstances shaped it to.  In order to develop, improve and to be the best version of ourselves, it is possible to use our evolved brain, with all its glitches, to help us cultivate and enhance desired qualities.  

“Access to nature both physical and through film footage and imagery can help people manage the stress of modern living.

It has multiple positive effects including:

  • Enhanced attention, focus and cognitive performance

  • Decreased stress and enhanced calm

  • Increased pro sociality and team working."

BBC Earth literature review findings. 2017.

How it works?

Hear it - 

Choose one of our unique audios.

See it - 

Match it with a calming 360° film of nature, to view on your device.

Experience it - 

Combine visual with audio to calm and train your mind. 

What You Get

132 different combinations! 

Access to:

  • 5x Calm The Mind 6-minute audios of:

    • Calm Place 

    • Counting Breath

    • Friendly Breath

    • Observe the Mind

    • Reconnect to Body

  • 6x Train The Mind 6-minute audios of:

    • Acceptance Creates Adaptability

    • Calmness

    • Confidence

    • Kindness

    • Patience

    • Strength

  • 12x 360° videos of nature with the ability to pair with any audio. 


  • Access to exclusive content with advice, tips and news.

  • New content added every month.




“The audio gave me permission to slow down, notice and take in the nature.”


 "It was fantastic! I feel so much more relaxed!”

Your Virtual Mind Trainer Image 5

“I was surprised how quickly I felt I was ‘there’.”

“As my body slowed down, I noticed the colours in the sky and the birdsong.”

A Bit About Us

Your Virtual Mind Trainer has been developed by a small team of enthusiastic and experienced professionals with successful careers in human resources, clinical psychology and IT. Together, Hilary McLellan, Dr Ashleigh McLellan and Karl Bolland, have a shared passion for helping people feel happier, relaxed and ready to achieve their personal goals.


Hilary is an Organisational Behaviourist, Executive and Team Coach.  She worked as a Senior HR professional in the public and private sectors before re-training.  She now specialises in Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Compassion-focused coaching and works with a variety of corporate clients. 
She believes that everyone should be able to find, and be, their best self at work. “We spend too much time at work to not be healthy, motivated and fulfilled the majority of the time.” 


Ashleigh is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with 20 years’ experience in the NHS. She is trained in a broad range of psychological models and specialises in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT).


Ashleigh enjoys bringing this Compassion focus to a wide range of individuals and the system that they are in, be it their workplace, their family, or the cultural context. “I am passionate about helping people to have an authentic understanding of themselves, their brains and their bodies so that they can cultivate a greater sense of well-being and begin to truly flourish.”


Karl has worked his whole career in IT and has created both simple and complex solutions using different technologies in the education and business sectors. 
He believes that technology should always be used to bring a benefit to its end users. “Technology can often be used 'just because' but often it can invariably end up making people’s lives more complex than they were before!” 

Karl always aims to create solutions that provide a benefit in whatever field they are used.


“I was surprised how quickly I felt I was ‘there’.”

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