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Frequently Asked questions


How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Follow our guide here. Your payment will then be processed and your subscription functionality will be unlocked for you to enjoy straight away.

How much does it cost?

Our launch subscription fee is £6 per month or you can save money by signing up for an annual fee of £66.

Is it an auto-renew?

Yes. Monthly and annual subscriptions are auto-renewed on an monthly or annual basis.

How can I cancel?

If you wish to cancel your subscription just follow the instructions below: 1. Login with your account details 2. Scroll to the bottom of any page and click on 'My Account' 3. When the 'My Account' page loads click on the 'Cancel my subscription' link at the bottom of the page 4. Complete the Cancel Form Upon receipt of your cancellation request, we will cancel your subscription and email you confirmation. If you have any questions contact us at

How long does it last?

Subscriptions last for one month or one year and auto-renewed unless cancelled.

Do you offer a trial period?

We offer all our registered subscribers, the first 7 days free.

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry, we don’t offer refunds please read our 'Terms of Use' for more details.

Can I gift subscription?

No. Unfortunately our system cannot support this at this time.

Who is it for?

Anyone! But for those with hearing and sight impairment, we recognise we still have work to do and are working hard towards eg. Subtitles for those with hearing impairment.

If you want to explore how you can use YVMT in your workplace please contact us at

Other Questions

How often is the content updated?

We update our content every month.

How do I experience my chosen combination of video and audio?

Log in and click on the button at the top of the page that says 'Create Your Experience'. Then you will be presented with a screen where you can: 1. Choose your audio 2. See a list of the available videos will automatically load below your chosen audio 3. Select the video you wish to experience 4. Click on the maximise window at the bottom right of the video option to launch the video full screen on your monitor or device.

How do I register a complaint?

We’ve made every effort to ensure complaints don’t arise. However, if you do have a complaint please contact us as soon as possible via email at

How can I give feedback?

Your feedback is important to us. Please send us an email to

Can I use the videos on a VR Headset?

Yes. Launch the headset browser and navigate to the website as you would on your device. You can then login and view the videos.
All our footage was filmed in 360° so we plan to release an app so you can fully experience the 360° nature scenes.

Do I need to have fast internet?

To get the best HD experience of nature we recommend you use a connection greater than 1Mb. While the footage will load on a lower connection, quality will automatically downgrade to best match your internet speed. The videos will start as soon as there is a stable connection but these load times may vary based on your internet speed.

What do I need to view the videos?

You will require an internet connection and a device that has a browser. These devices can include: - PC/Desktop - Mac - Apple Device e.g. iPhone, iPad - Android Devices - TV Browsers

Why is the service not yet avaliable in the USA & Canada?

We plan to launch to the USA & Canada. Unfortunately, due to some insurance instructions we are currently unable to offer this service. If you want to be notified when YVMT is available in the USA & Canada please email

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