Neil Jenkins – managing director of Absolute Business Coaching – shares his experience of using Your Virtual Mind Trainer and discusses the importance of strength.

Inner strengths can include self-confidence, determination, emotional intelligence, tolerance and compassion.

As Neil Jenkins – a life and leadership coach – explains: a higher level of self-awareness and self-confidence can also lead to a more balanced life, smarter goal-setting and lower stress levels.

Neil, who works with individuals and teams across the UK by helping them to improve their life balance, is a firm believer in the importance of training the mind.

Neil Jenkins is a life & leadership coach at Absolute Business Coaching and owns two yoga studios

He started his career as a personal trainer in the 1980s and later joined the military as a paratrooper. He went on to join the fire service in 2000 before retiring in 2018. His passion for personal training (PT) continued and became interested in yoga, psychotherapy and life coaching.

Four years ago, Neil founded Absolute Business Coaching and works closely with leaders and managers to help them understand their role and find a balance in their life. In addition, three years ago Neil opened his first yoga studio and his second studio launched in 2019.

“Often when people think about strength, they think about physical strength,” says Neil. “I used to take part in lots of Ironman events, triathlons and ultraruns and took up yoga as a balance to those. But I started to realise that to compete physically and mentally, it was important to address the power of the mind.”

“Around five years ago, I snapped my Achilles while snowboarding, was on crutches and ended up out of action for six months. It was then that I really started to investigate more in depth studying the brain and addressing mental strength, as well as physical attributes. Strength can be about balance – being strong in the mind, flexible in the mind and establishing the right life balance.”

Digital influences

Neil believes that is important to find space in the digital age to focus on our mind and what is important.

He explains: “Many people are locked into their tablets and phones in our fast-paced world as there is no off switch. Nor do we still have that wiggly wire connecting us to the socket in the hallway. We reply to emails at midnight or whatever time we get the message.”

"But digital services are with us now and often a necessary tool - allowing us to access a far wider spectrum of assistance than before."

Using Your Virtual Mind Trainer

Neil says he has particularly found the handiness of Your Virtual Mind Trainer beneficial for his coaching services.

“It is estimated that we have up to 60,000 thoughts per day, which shows how important it is to help people take the time to think and filter these thoughts,” says Neil. “Coaching allows creative ideas to grow.”

“But many opportunities to focus on yourself can take up to 30 minutes, and many people can’t afford that time. YVMT allows your mind to think, it creates questions to allow your mind to think and to filter.”

“Often - certainly pre-lockdown - people’s workspaces are mainly office-based, concrete blocks. A great thing with YVMT is that is visually nice to look at, it has moving images that can take you away from the space that you are in and give you the moment to allow you to think. You can do it before a meeting or sat in a car. Your Virtual Mind Trainer is flexible and is there whenever you need it – there’s no need to book a session."

"It offers an easy way to create a habit of 'time out' as it doesn’t require a lot of time... just the commitment and desire to do it."

Our STRENGTH audio guides you to connect with and enhance your own inner strength using our brain’s capacity to recall the past and ‘see’ the future.

Fundamentally developing strength will underpin resilience which is more than necessary for our modern world and all the challenges it brings us.

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