Confidence relates to having a self-belief in our ability to perform a task, as well as how we feel about ourselves as a person. We're not born with confidence; we build it over time. 

Executive coach and management consultant Sarah Mundy specialises in realising and releasing the potential in people and organisations. As well as working with businesses to help them develop a people-centred culture, she also works with individuals as a coach, providing a safe and secure place for personal and professional development – to build confidence as well as capability.

In this blog, Sarah describes how self-confidence can help people to grow and experience more. She also guides us through her journey of using Your Virtual Mind Trainer as a way to reconnect and rebalance.

Sarah Mundy
Sarah Mundy

Sarah says: “Having confidence in yourself, the confidence to speak up, to say how you feel and share your ideas and know that it is respected and encouraged is imperative. When we experience the self-confidence to step out of our comfort zone, speak our truth and be recognised, it helps us grow, develop and experience more.”

“It’s the driver for pushing us forward and helping us dispel many of our fears and do the things we want to. It stops us sitting there with regrets - regretting not speaking up, making a suggestion, connecting with our gut feelings and speaking out. Think about how you will feel if you don’t try or don’t challenge yourself. Yes, it’s often easier not to, but that leaves you in exactly the same place you are already in. Static.”

Home working

Sarah has worked from a home office for more than 20 years and although a love for fitness provides a welcome distraction, she has often found herself struggling to work through a problem; failing to see a solution and as a consequence becoming disheartened.

“I know my self-confidence has been rock bottom; I’ve sat on calls or in meetings thinking should I say this or that. And, decided no, it’ll sound stupid, what can I add and other self-deprecating things. Sometimes it was the environment, thinking I couldn’t possibly add to the quality of discussion. However, being in a supportive and encouraging environment, where your views and involvement are valued and genuinely encouraged has boosted my self-confidence and made me realise how much I have to offer to others.”

"Think about how you will feel if you don’t try or don’t challenge yourself."

“Recognising when my thought processes are becoming cyclical and not progressive and possibly taking me down a negative thought process, has been a major learning curve for me. Yes, I can reach for the phone and call a colleague/friend but that’s not always feasible or appropriate.”

Internal conversations

According to Sarah, learning to ‘sit’ with difficult situations and allowing her mind to permeate through a problem to refresh her thoughts and come back to the situation has helped her manage internal negative conversations and build confidence in her abilities.

“I experienced PTSD following an accident 10 years ago, so learning how to ‘re-train’ my mind to stop not only negative thoughts but the associated physical responses has been an implicit and imperative part of my development.”

Using YVMT

“Your Virtual Mind Trainer helps from a distraction perspective, as it takes me to another place, literally from the videos and the dialogue focusses me into thinking harder about the here and now. I love the immersive element of video, with the sounds and colours."

"It genuinely calms the mind initially, I was observing what was around me on the video, but the audio then draws you back to your thoughts. I have even used YVMT sometimes when I am doing a short planking session (part of keeping my body fit as well as my mind).”

“Coachees, will often call me when they are ‘in a dilemma’ or ‘not sure how to handle such or such’. It’s fine to explore these in a coaching session, but life doesn’t always work like that. YVMT will be a fantastic support and aide in those times as well. Plus it’s there at your fingertips, takes just a few minutes to help you reconnect and re-balance yourself. Perfect for the pressures of life.”

Now it's time to listen to our 'Confidence' audio with your choice of nature video.

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