We’re delighted to be developing  audios in our Workplace Coach library around ‘situational’ contexts to help you build an awareness of how to communicate differently in different settings.

First up is the Courageous Conversations audio which coincides nicely with our upcoming  ‘Positive Power and Influence’ workshops in partnership with Laughton Scott - that are all about managing yourself when communicating under pressure. 

Every delegate who attends these workshops will also benefit from access to Your Virtual Mind Trainer at any time, on any device after the face to face training is complete and they are out there trying to remember and implement their learning in real time. 

Because we also explain what emotional intelligence is and how to build and retain resilience there are some obvious great choices in our audio libraries to help delegates train their mind before those stressful and pressurised meetings. 

We will be recommending the audios of Empathy, Calm Place, Strength and Determination as well as Confidence and Self-Confidence to support these delegates going forward to enhance their performance and their wellbeing.

We’re looking forward to writing more situational audio scripts with titles, such as ‘The Interview’ ‘The Presentation’ ‘The Promotion’ ‘Working Through Change’ and more.

 Coaching Ambassadors

Our coaching ambassador group is growing!  We now have nine qualified and experienced coaches who are accredited to use Your Virtual Mind Trainer with their own clients.

They are really instrumental in YVMT’s learning and development and sharing our experiences and knowledge is very important to us.  The ambassadors join a bi-weekly webinar where we share our experience of using YVMT (in total confidence and anonymity).  

We also set ourselves homework!  First,we set ourselves the task of listening to the audio ‘Determination’ a number of times between our meetings.  We then all fed back to each other on how that had impacted upon each of us. 

Some of us who felt we were already determined then asked for the group to listen to the audio of kindness to see how that impacted upon us in these weeks at work where we seem to be working even harder and faster in order to prepare for a couple of weeks of holiday out of the office!

Kindness to ourselves seemed a long way off and listening to the audio has helped us recentre ourselves in what seems to be never-ending Zoom and Teams calls. 

We also experimented with listening to the audio on its own while walking or simply looking out of a window as well as two of the coaches now owning virtual reality (VR) headsets and being quite shocked at the impact the immersive 360 VR experience brought them. 

Hilary was especially delighted at the response of one of her clients to their YVMT ‘homework’ four weeks into practicing for six minutes a day, three times a week. 

He was shocked that after practising for four weeks he suddenly noticed the positive impact Your Virtual Mind Trainer had upon him both in how he managed pressure at home and at work. 

He joked that having spent too long getting his practise off the ground that now he was more worried about not having Your Virtual Mind Trainer as part of his weekly routine! 

About the Author

Hilary McLellanHilary McLellan

Hilary is an Organisational Behaviourist, Team and Exec Coach, specialising in coaching and facilitating culture and behavioural change, organisational development, resilience and emotional intelligence.