Your Virtual Mind Trainer (YVMT) is a unique experience of 360° immersive nature videos synchronised with six-minute audio recordings, curated by a team of experts in psychology, coaching and compassion focussed therapy. 

We'd like to introduce you to some of the experts working behind the scenes at YVMT; the folk that research, script and voice our guided audios.

Providing the female voice for the Train Your Mind and Calm Your Mind audios is Dr Ashleigh McLellan, a consultant clinical psychologist who has been studying psychology since the age of 16. Ashleigh has more than 20 years of experience working in the NHS across a range of adult mental health difficulties.

Working alongside Ashleigh is Dr Philip Molyneux, who qualified as a clinical psychologist in 2000 - mostly in neuropsychology and physical health. Philip, who provides the male voice for our Train Your Mind and Calm Your Mind audios, is passionate about helping people develop their wellbeing and being the best person they can be.

Then we have Hilary McLellan, the female voice narrating our Workplace Coach audios. Hilary has a MSc in Organisational Behaviour and is an Institute of Leadership and Management Level 7 Executive & Leadership Coach, and is renowned for helping individuals and teams develop their self-awareness and best self for wellbeing and performance.

Hear and watch from our expert ‘voices’ in the video below!

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The Your Virtual Mind Trainer team includes experts in clinical psychology, coaching and organisational behaviour.