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Build your self-confidence

Confidence relates to having a self-belief in our ability to perform a task, as well as how we feel about ourselves as a person. We're not born with confidence; we build it over time.

Executive coach and management consultant Sarah Mundy specialises in realising and releasing the potential in people and organisations. As well as working with businesses to help them develop a people-centred culture, she also works with individuals as a coach, providing a safe and secure place for personal and professional development – to build confidence as well as capability.

In this month’s blog, Sarah describes how self-confidence can help people to grow and experience more. She also guides us through her journey of using Your Virtual Mind Trainer as a way to reconnect and rebalance.

Sarah Mundy

Sarah says: “When we experience the self-confidence to step out of our comfort zone, speak our truth and be recognised, it helps us grow, develop and experience more.”

“It’s the driver for pushing us forward and helping us dispel many of our fears and do the things we want to. It stops us sitting there with regrets - regretting not speaking up, making a suggestion, connecting with our gut feelings and speaking out."

Using YVMT

“Your Virtual Mind Trainer helps from a distraction perspective, as it takes me to another place, literally from the videos and the dialogue focusses me into thinking harder about the here and now. I love the immersive element of video, with the sounds and colours. It genuinely calms the mind."

YVMT members can read an extended version of this blog with more fascinating insight from Sarah. Plus, you can find tips on setting yourself goals and identifying negative influences.

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