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Reconnect to your body

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

In this month’s jam-packed blog, we take a look at reconnecting with our bodies. We hear from our resident clinical psychologist Dr Ashleigh McLellan on the power of taking time to really connect with our body; while our organisational behaviourist Hilary McLellan discusses the importance of language and developing a strong internal voice.

Ashleigh says: "When we first come into this world, we experience it through our bodily senses. We feel and respond to urges, are sensitive to our environment and, most importantly, we feel soothed by touch. We're completely connected with our body."

"Over time, for most people this feeling changes and the connection to our body isn’t as strong, or it can get ignored. It's very easy to become disconnected from our body and live almost entirely in our heads."

"Our body holds more answers than we might realise and we can use it as a guide; this is our inner wisdom. Reconnecting to our body taps in to our right brain potential. Our ‘Reconnect to body’ audio will help you go deeper with your exploration of this. "

Hilary says: "During my many years in corporate life, if someone had said I would have benefited by ‘reconnecting to my body’ while I waited to present to a board meeting, I wouldn’t have listened."

"My mind would have dismissed the fluffy language and I would have chosen to apply skills that I knew I had tried and tested. So how might I – as a layperson – describe what reconnecting to the body is in my working hours?  Building our self-awareness starts with being aware of what’s happening in our body."

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