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  • Claire Swales

Step back & observe the mind

Transformational change adviser Lorna McCallum helps companies successfully manage change, improve internal communications and engage employees.

In this month’s blog, Lorna shares her experience of using Your Virtual Mind Trainer and how it has helped her get into the right mindset to help others during these uncertain and changing times.

Lorna says: “When I am helping people to deal with change, my role is to motivate and support. If you face change with courage, then it doesn't mean that you're looking forward to it, but you're more willing to listen to different perspectives.”

“One of the best things about Your Virtual Mind Trainer is that it takes you out of your immediate surroundings and can give you peace of mind in just six minutes. You can alter your mindset over something that's maybe upsetting you and allow you to recalibrate.”

In this month’s new YVMT audio, the theme is ‘Observe the Mind’ – the skill of noticing what is going on in the mind rather than being caught up in it.

Laura explains why she finds this useful.

“I can't be a great change adviser if I don't know what it feels like to learn as I go through change myself. As a change adviser, I also have to continually learn how to change and adapt and YVMT has really helped me with this.”

“With YVMT, I have the ability to step back and no matter what's happening in my head, it breaks the cycle of thinking that all these thoughts are real and I have to react to them. It's like you're looking at a problem and you're thinking, well, that's interesting, but you're protected from the really bad feelings that can often come with problems.”

“I often compare it to sitting on the edge of a motorway and there's lots of traffic going past. But I'm just sitting observing the scene, I've got no desire to actually go out and play in the traffic."

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